Whatsapp for Nokia Asha 501, 305, 308, 309, 310, 311, 205, 202

This guide will help you download Whatsapp messenger for your Nokia Asha, but first a nice little introduction about smartphones. Ever since the dawn of smart phones, the way people communicate with each other has dramatically changed. With ability to connect to high speed 3G and 4G network based internet, you communication is not just faster and simpler but more fun and innovative too.

What makes these phones more interactive are the apps like whatsapp that not only allow you to talk with your friends but share your photos, videos and audio recordings among other things. This app can be downloaded on any smart phone such as apple, blackberry, Nokia Asha, Samsung Galaxy and several other smart phones available in the market. However our main focus will be on downloading this app for the Nokia Asha 300 series of phones including the 305,302,310 and other models.

The first thing we found was that Whatsapp had compatibility issues with the Nokia Asha devices, but since then it has been reported to us by several users that this has been corrected and that the app is now compatible and working.

To get whatsapp, simply visit the official site Here and follow the instructions.

Some great features of WhatsApp on Nokia Devices

One of the best benefits of using whatsapp on your phone is you can save a lot of money on your phone bills, because the app uses only the data or internet service to make calls to your friends. However, you can make calls to only the people who are using this app too. But the app is so popular that anyone who owns smartphones these days have this on their phone, and needless to say, the number of smartphone users are constantly on the rise. This app allows you to talk, chat and make video calls to all your friends using it.

Whatsapp is quite beneficial for business owners as well. They can make use of the app to take pictures and videos of products and share it with their friends, who in turn can share it with their friends and family. So this app actually makes a way for chain marketing of your products and services, thus helping you spread the word more easily, effectively and quickly than any other means. Many are already earning the benefits of using this app for business purposes.

Unlike email, social media marketing and chatting, whatsapp allows you to take pictures or videos using your phone and instantly share with specific people or group of people. The best part of this app is, whatever image or document you share with your friends, you can be sure that they get to see it instantly. So there is no waiting for your friends to check their email or social media for images you sent. So ultimately, you can save a lot of time required for response on your images or documents. And since the app uses internet for communication, it doesn’t matter you access it through your service providers internet or any open wi-fi network in your college, office or coffee shop. So you can even eliminate the need for paying for roaming services to you local service provider.

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